About us

      Oregon’s Japan Representative Office (JRO) is located in Tokyo, Japan, managed by Business Oregon and staffed by three business professionals with the primary purpose of increasing trade and business ties between Oregon and Japan.


      JRO’s main objectives are to increase Oregon jobs by promoting:

      • exports of Oregon small and medium-sized businesses to Japan, and
      • Japanese and East Asian investment into Oregon.

      The JRO Team:

      • Director Jun Mokudai, with over 30 years of top level executive experience in Japan
      • Trade & Investment Manager Satoru Sunagawa, over 9 years trade and investment experience
      • Regional Market Manager Tom DiCorcia, 12 years in global trade, based in Portland, 10 years in technology product marketing

      Japan is the world’s second largest developed economy and a member of the G7. Its population of 126 million has a per capita GDP of $41,470 -- about the same as France and Germany. Japan has the world’s largest electronics goods industry. It is the number three automobile manufacturer. Japan has competed effectively with China’s manufacturing rise by focusing on high tech and high value products. Japan’s challenges include a declining population, which is rapidly aging, and a high public debt. Read more about Japan and its ties with Oregon in this Japan Country Profile brief.